Meetings: Minutes & Agendas

You can find out what the Council will discuss at each meeting, by looking at the agenda’s:

June 2016 Agenda

JULY 2016

SEPT 2016


FEB 2017

Draft Agenda for Hutton Buscel Parish Council Meeting Friday 3rd March 2017

April 2017 1 (Parish Council Meeting Agenda)

ANNUAL PARISH 2017 1 (Annual Assembly Agenda)

May ORD 2017 1

Annual Council Agenda May 2017

June 2017 agenda

Hutton Buscel Agenda July 2017

Agenda September HBPC 2017

Agenda October 2017 hb

November 2017 Agenda hb

Agenda January 2018 hb

February Agenda hb

March 2018 Agenda HB

Agenda April 2018 hb

Agenda May 2018

June 2018 Agenda hb

July Agenda hb

Hutton Buscel Sept Agenda

Agenda October 2018

Agenda November 2018

Agenda January 2019

Agenda February 2019

Agenda March 2019

Hutton Buscel Agenda

Agenda June 2019

Agenda July 2019

HB Agenda September 2019

HB Agenda October 2019

Agenda November 2019

Agenda January 2020

Agenda Feb 2020

Agenda March 2020

You can find out what the Council have resolved at each meeting, by looking at the minutes:

JUNE 2016

JULY 2016

SEPT 2016 draft (revised)



JANUARY 2017 1

PDF FEB 2017

March PDF

APRIL 2017 2

May 17 draft minutes

Minutes June 2017 hb

July Minutes HB 2017

HB September Minutes

October HB 2017

January 2018 Minutes hb

February 2018 Minutes HB

March 2018 Minutes HB

April 2018 Minutes HB

June 2018 Minutes hb

HB July 2018 Minutes

September 2018 Minutes HB

October 2018 Minutes HB

Hutton Buscel November 2018 Minutes

January 2019 Minutes HB

February 2019 Minutes HB

HB March Minutes

April 2019 Minutes HB

May 2019 Minutes HB

June 2019 Minutes – HB

HB July 2019 Minutes inc cheques over £100

HB September 2019 Minutes

October 2019 Minutes

November 2019 H

January 2020 Minutes – HB

February 2020 Minutes – HB

March 2020 Minutes HB

The agendas and minutes for other meetings associated with the Parish Council can be found here:

employment committee agenda

Annual Council Meeting draft minutes May 17

Agenda (Annual Parish Assembly Agenda for 2018)

ACM May 2018 (Annual Council Meeting)

APM Agenda HB

ACM May 2019 HB

As a parish member, if there is a matter you feel strongly about and wish for the Council to discuss,  please be in touch and we will consider whether it is suitable to add to the agenda.