Wine Society


Hutton Buscel Wine Club
‘In Vino Veritas’
The Hutton Buscel Wine club began in 2002. Over the year, we have generally met about four times a year – usually in a hosts’ house.  The hosts decide on a theme, select wine and then offer tastings and notes . . . and of course, the all-important, bread and cheese!  We try to keep it as informal as possible.  After the second and third bottle, this is not very difficult!  Last year we began the season with winter warmers and ended it with a whisky night under the stars.  Sadly, the current pandemic has put a bit of a dampener on things, but we have managed to indulge in a bit of virtual tippling, and we look forward to finding imaginative ways of keeping things going. Please contact Geoff Gibson on 01723 862133, if you have any suggestions or ideas for future meetings.